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Wireless Supercharger Speaker

Explore The Features

Pipe Sign 1 Pipe Sign 2 Pipe Sign 3 Pipe Sign 4 Pipe Sign 5 Pipe Sign 6 F-speaker with Specification F-speaker with Specification

Up to 40 hours Battery

Ergonomic Design
& Water Resistant

Voice Control

Illuminated Digital Display

4 Powerful Speakers into One

Wireless Charging

F-speaker wireless charging F-speaker wireless charging F-speaker wireless charging F-speaker wireless charging

Next Generation Charging Solution

Wirelessly charge multiple devices.

No more wires. No more waiting to charge on device after another. No more finding sockets for all your different chargers. Charge all your compatible devices wirelessly by placing device on the Speaker.

F-speaker also act as assistant

Your Helpful Assistant

Appointment, Email, Alarm Clock and Text notification reminders.

don’t miss out on any appointment, set alarms, send voice emails, receive text notifications etc. Free yourself to care for more in life, with your Figgers® Speaker ensuring you don’t miss out any reminders.

Supercharger Speaker

For an Impressive Experience
F-speaker water-resistant quality

Water Resistant Quality

Your F - Speaker comes water proof for your protection. So you don’t have to worry about any spills.

Feel Concert Background

Super Charger Speaker

Have feeling of a concert with its room filling sound
Feel Concert Speaker Image


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