Figgers for Frontline (F & F)

First responders restlessly serve communities, placing themselves in life-threatening scenarios to ensure our safety. Having access to a wide range of wireless Talk, Text, and Data plans with Nationwide Network Coverage at a competitive price helps them make their task easier.

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F & F wherever, whenever

If you are a first responder, military personnel, law enforcement officer, or health care worker, through F & F, we offer deals and discounts on Plans and Phones to express our gratitude for all the hard work you do during these challenging times.

  • Keep Your Number

    You won't lose those digits you're so fond of, it's easy to network switching.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    It’s important to stay connected, but if it's with a device, you love, awesome, bring it to Figgers.

  • Nationwide Network Coverage

    Access our state-of-the-art LTE network across the US seamlessly and connect to communicate.

  • My Figgers

    From paying your bills to checking your call or data usage, you can do it all with My Figgers.

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Entire US covered

We offer mobile service on the nation's largest and most reliable LTE network. You will be covered by our wireless network not only in big cities but in suburbs and rural areas as well. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Check out our coverage map to make sure you’re connected.

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Depending on which LTE frequencies your phone supports you will be able to experience faster data speeds and improved experience.

Check out our selection of phones or bring your own phone.

F & F Benefits

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Low Latency

Enterprise-grade connectivity for unconstrained calls, video streaming, secure VPN connectivity, cloud-based applications.

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High Speed

The high Tbps capacity of the network ensures first responders, anywhere in the US, receive consistent, high speed.

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A highly resilient network with multiple interconnected satellites and ground nodes ensures first responders are always connected.

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Quick Service Deployment

Compliant with latest technology, plug and play integration allows seamless extension of public safety networks.

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Global, Scalable

Sophisticated antennas on each satellite can dynamically focus additional capacity precisely where you need it.

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Low cost, high tech innovative hardware and flexible business models offers maximize utilization of the network at competitive price.

F & F Plans

Only Pay for What You Want and Get Best Value for Your Money

  • Nationwide
  • Global Texting
  • 4G LTE
  • 5G*
  • Talk time
  • Text
  • Data
  • Voicemail
  • Contract
  • Voice Over LTE
  • Kweli TV
  • Doctor Now
  • No. of Lines
  • Global Coverage*

Need a new phone?

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Or bring your own device.

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It’s easy to start saving

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Am I qualify for the F & F?

If you are a Public and private sector primary first responder (Health care, Veteran, Public Safety), YES, you qualify.

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Provide proof of eligibility

Submit your office badge showing full name with a recent paystub or signed affidavit issued from the first responder agency.

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Start saving

That's it, choose the F & F plan that suits your daily needs and help your family stay connected and start saving.