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Chief Operating Officer

Germain is a seasoned executive with over 10 years of leadership experience across multiple industries. Germain holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Florida Atlantic University and an MBA from West Texas AM University as well as several project management certifications.

Germain has been nationally recognized as one of the youngest to hold the position of President and CEO for a Chamber of Commerce in the State of Florida and has been the recipient of several distinguished awards including the Legacy Miami 40 under 40 award and The International Career & Business Alliance ICABA Rising Star Award.

Germain understands the critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries: creating partnerships in multiple industries including financing, tourism and marketing. Germain is highly successful in building relationships with government officials, corporate partners, non-profits and clients.

“My passion has always been for success. It is my belief that success begins with working hard, and because of this I have always chosen to live by example. I have found that success comes from the people involved. I have always employed a “All Hands On Deck” policy.” Germain excels at building excitement and momentum company wide and has a proven track record in exceeding company goals and objectives, and overall production.

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