Official Winners of 3rd Annual ‘Innovate Downtown’ Announced – Figgers Communication Inc.
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Official Winners of 3rd Annual ‘Innovate Downtown’ Announced

It was an excellent turnout for the third annual Innovate Downtown event in Downtown Coral Springs, with this year’s winner going to a virtual dressing room software company.

With just two pictures, Vitruvian VDR creates a realistic avatar that captures each user’s unique shape and simulates how garments will look on them. The proprietary algorithms can mimic users’ exact body shape by measuring all body points. It also simulates fabric behavior to see how clothes fit one’s shape.

Kristi Bartlett, Director of Economic Development, said, “This city provides a wealth of opportunity for businesses, which is why we are so proud to host events like Innovate Downtown as a place for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and receive genuine feedback directly from the consumer and our community.”

Attendees at Unplugged selected LED Accents as the crowd favorite.Vitruvian VDR received $2,000, and LED Accents received a 55-inch TV – both prizes were courtesy of Figgers Wireless Communications, Inc.