Smart 4K HDR TV

2 Years Warranty Hi-Fi quality sound Vibrant colors Shadow details 56 pre-loaded apps Access to
500K movies
Bluetooth connectivity
with F-Speakers
Bluetooth connectivity
with F-Buds
Remote Button
Remote Button
Amazon Alexa Supported Google Comcast Supported Ultra Slim Design

Smart 4K HDR TV

Your TV to render vibrant colors and shadow details. Even in a dark environment each detail of the image can be clearly displayed.
The WCG+ Color Gamut technology increased color sharpness and realism, provides the highest-quality picture.

Full 2 Year
Customer Warranty Program

UNIBODY 9.9 mm Ultra Slim
and Light Weight Design

Integrated sound box offering
Hi-Fi quality sound

Over 500K movies
and shows

Digital Media

56 pre-loaded apps

Full HD Screen Resolution Background Full HD Screen Resolution Mobile Background
Full HD Screen Full HD Screen Full HD Screen
Figgers Hey

"Hey Figgers!!"

Smart remote with voice command controls

Control your TV with just your voice. Your experience like never before

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50% Off with Figgers HDR 4K Smart TV

Binge On
The Culture.

Kweli TV Mockup

Figgers Wireless Included

A monthly or annual subscription also includes
25% off select Figgers Wireless products and

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One Touch World With Smart Remote Netflix
by dedicated button
by dedicated button
Internet Browsing
by dedicated button
One Touch
Favorite Channel list
One Touch
Close Captions control
One Touch
Electronic Program Guide

Your Own Library

56 pre-loaded apps, with access to over 500K movies, shows and digital media.

HDR Different Image

More with Figgers ® devices

All your Figgers® devices coming together to give you a royal experience.
Your F-Buds acting as wireless headphones, Figgers Phone to control TV, Figgers Speaker
offering voice control and much more.

Warranty & Guides

or peace of mind we offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.
We recommend registering your product with us, so that we can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2 Years Warranty

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