Figgers F3

Wireless charging from 5 meters, 4K screen, 5G support, 1 TB of flash memory and more.

Florida-based telecommunications company Figgers was founded in 2009, it is engaged in communication services, but in 2014 the company released its first smartphone, called Figgers F1. A feature of the smartphone was that it could automatically prohibit the sending of text messages while driving.

Recently, the company announced the first 5G-smartphone, which will be released in the United States. The Figgers F3 smartphone will work with any mobile operator in any country of the world, as stated by the company’s executive director Freddie Figgers.

The smartphone should receive a 4K display, a dual 18-megapixel camera, 1 TB non-volatile memory, which is useful for downloading and storing large amounts of content over 5G networks, as well as protection against dust and moisture (no degree specified).

Another very interesting point seems to be Figgers Super Base wireless charger, which will allow you to charge your smartphone at a distance of up to five meters. So far, there are no smartphones on the market with similar technologies.

Details about the hardware platform, modem, battery, and other points yet. Some skeptics believe that this is just a fake, launched to attract attention to the company.