Figgers® introduces F-Buds, new wireless water-resistant earbuds that fit comfortably and don’t fall out – Figgers Communication Inc.
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Figgers® introduces F-Buds, new wireless water-resistant earbuds that fit comfortably and don’t fall out


At Figgers, when it comes to design, we focus on every little detail, from fine-tuning every circuit to ensure the highest sound quality to tweaking the antennas for maximum signal strength, with a beautiful design. Our results? Earbuds that play constantly and comfortably tuck into any ear, giving you a fit that won’t fall out.

Freedom and Ease

Enjoy the freedom of the hands-free wireless Bluetooth Figgers F-Buds. Using the latest in wireless Bluetooth technology. The F-Buds offer complete freedom of motion while elevating your soundtrack like never before. No more fumbling! No more wires! F-Buds are fully equipped with custom built-in mics that make holding conversations a breeze.

F-Buds are designed to pair up with any Bluetooth device, so you can use them with your older phone and tablets as well.

Cross-Language Barriers

F-Buds, when paired with Figgers® phones (e.g., Figgers F3), allow you to translate any language in the world into your language.

To start, under Settings, just select the language you need to arrange for the translation, and you are ready to talk around the globe.

More than Just a Case

Industry-leading 50 hours of talk time.

Power through your day and any task with an industry-leading 50 hours of talk time on a single charge. And when you’re done, place them in their case and have them fully charged in just 30 minutes. F-Buds offers an industry-leading standby time of 200 hours.

Pure Workout

Water and headphones typically don’t mix but these earbuds aren’t afraid of sweat or rain. The F-Buds water-resistant technology allows you to power through any workout without any concern for water damage. By using our proprietary Nano-coating F-Buds stay dry and fully functional.

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