Water-resistant Wireless Speaker, Wireless charger, Alarm Clock and so much more. Figgers® introduces a new exciting product to the lineup.

Next Generation Charging Solution.

No more wires, No more waiting to charge one device after another, No more finding sockets for all your different chargers. Charge all your compatible devices wirelessly by placing the device on the Speaker.

Your Helpful Assistant.

Don’t miss out on any appointments, set alarms, send voice emails, receive text notifications, etc. Free yourself to care for more in life, with your Figgers® Speaker ensuring you don’t miss out on any reminders.

Sound That’s Felt.

Built-in Powerful speakers for an impressive experience.

Listen To World.

Get the news from your favorite sources. Listen to your podcasts. Tune into your radio stations or listen to audiobooks of your choice. All just at your voice command.

Never Be At Loss.

Just ask and Figgers® Speaker will find the information for you.

Making Life Easy.

Hands-free calling, shopping, travel guide, directions, and much more.

From finding your misplaced phone to directions to your next destination and everything in between… Figgers® Speaker has you covered.

Play and Learn.

Imagine, Play and Learn.

Let children’s imagination run wild by listening to stories, learning new interesting facts from around the world and space, or playing musical chairs and other games